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  • 16/09/2017

    Full option of Canyoning Tour


    Destination : Datanla Waterfall
    1.Departure Time:
    – 4 slots/day start at Datanla waterfall at: 8.00, 9.00, 10.00 everyday.
    – Maximum 12 people/slot.
    2.Tour Program:
    After being picked up at the hotel, we drive along picturesque road to the South of the city, head the Datanla waterfall – where we start our journey.
    – At the Base Camp, you’ll learn the basics of knot tying, harness wearing, hardware and proper abseiling technique.
    – After the guides are satisfied that you’ve got it down, you’ll head down your first rappel. It is an exciting 15 meter descent into the river below, right next to a 30-meter beautiful waterfall.

         From here, we head further down the canyon to a spectacular Tyrolean Traverse that drops down and over a waterfall and the river.
    can full option     Keep your legs exploring the forest and see with your own eyes all this wild nature’s wealth. Natural water sliding waiting for you at the next stop, with many kinds of sliding that you can try in couple of goes before continuing down river.

    can full option

         Here comes the biggest waterfall with some real abseiling through the water from the height at 25 meters. You will need good instruction and techniques from our canyon experts to get over the hardest fall.


        Want challenge your mental power? Let’s try the free jump at 7-meter cliff! Take a deep breath, jump, deep down river below and then feel so cool when you’re up in the water.

       The last abseil is the most special one with the thrilling fall named Washing Machine with the height at 13 meters. It will spin you around, clean your body and push you out of the falls.

        Hiking up to the highway and meet our vehicle for transport back to town.
    3. Depart from:
    – We’ll pick you up at your hotel.
    – Our guides will make a call to confirm about place & time depends on the customer’s register.
    4. Skills:
        – There is no need in previous experience or special physical training for participation in our tour. Canyoning tour is for all level of player, even you’re the beginner.
        – Children should be from 1,2m tall.
        – People have personal major medical including evacuation insurance coverage is not recommended to join this tour.
    5. What to prepare:
    –  Hat, sunscreen, clothes for swimming, repellent, camera, sport sandals/water shoes.
    –  Inappropriate or personal stuff will be kept in your own locker at the Base Camp.

    –  Serve yourself a big breakfast before departure time.
    –  Every alcohol drink or stimulant is prohibited.

    6. Price: $ 75 USD/pax (~ 1.620.000vnd/pax), maximum 12 people/joining slot

    Including: English speaking professionally trained guide, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, snack, purified drinking water, transport as listed above and abseiling gear.